About Us

Welcome to Salmiya Clinic

We are salmiya clinic (Private Polyclinic). We work and provide medical service based on the latest advances on medical practice with evidence based. We grow and satisfy our customer and patient needs, we consider our self as market leader in endocrinology and related medical practice with the lead and presence of Dr.Latifa AL-Duwaisan. We provide multi disciplinary team to work in harmony for our patient delighting, We committed to quality and international standards to carry our patient to safety.

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."


In 15/10/1994 Dr.Latifa Al-Duwaisan started her own private endocrinology clinic, by time and excellent medical practice she made an amazing trust and image in Kuwait, as part of extension of success story she decided to enlarge the facility. In 15/10/2004 she moved with her own staff to a bigger and better place which now known as Salmiya Clinic when she added nutrition, Obstetrics and gynecology and dermatology department. In 2007 it was a must to complete the full symphony to cover all medical needs of our patient we added a lot of other facilities as dental, laboratory, radiology and cardiology.


In salmiya clinic, we aim to enlarge our work to satisfy our patients all around the gulf area not only Kuwait, with continuous motivation and commitment to international standards of health care provision for assure the max quality with affordable price.


With us Quality is not an option it is must. We offer the best practice based on knowledge in medical service, without sacrificing the price. We are trained to provide the holistic approach of service with cooperation of medical and administrative teams to focus on the sake of our patients.


Ethics and family spirit are our main two core values. We as a team work provide our patient with care and love and support to feel as in home with his family members. Effectiveness: we are committed to do the things right from the first time, to cut out any over cost on the patients. We are creative in delighting our customer; we respect their emotion with empathy but not sympathy to help them to live better life.